The balaclava is an accessory that, for different reasons, can be useful in all seasons!

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The price is €10 VAT included per helmet balaclava.
The color of our balaclavas is black with the LMRACING logo in red.
The balaclava is made of 60% cotton, 35% polyester and 5% elastane.

The balaclava is an accessory that, for different reasons, can be useful in all seasons!
The winter balaclava prevents the pungent air flows from hitting the pilot’s neck and face, which blow between the visor and our face.
Let’s be clear, the balaclava is also recommended when temperatures become milder, as, depending on the material with which it is made, it makes the use of the helmet more hygienic, because it absorbs sweat, carrying out an important thermoregulation function, and is It is also easier to wash than the inside of the helmet itself!
Our balaclava is the most complete, it wraps not only the head but also the ears, chin, neck, nose and mouth of the rider, leaving only the eyes uncovered.

These balaclavas therefore have both the function of creating a more hygienic layer between the head and helmet and that of thermally insulating the sensitive areas of the face and neck.

Cotton is a natural textile fiber of plant origin, obtained from the cotton plant.
Nowadays it is the most used natural fiber fabric in clothing and beyond. This fiber is 100% biodegradable, ecological, recyclable, with a composition of 95% cellulose.
Among its advantages we find lightness, softness, high absorption properties and resistance.
Its mechanical resistance is influenced by the presence of water: wet fibers are in fact more tenacious than dry ones.
Cotton is hypoallergenic and therefore can be used by anyone; air permeable and breathable; it facilitates the dispersion of body heat, therefore it is a versatile material suitable for every season.
Polyester is an artificial fiber that is very resistant to moisture.
If we deeply analyze the uses of polyester we realize a series of advantages:
• It is resistant to wrinkles. (never iron again!)
• Highly resistant to stretching.
• Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature variations.

Elastane also called Spandex is a type of fabric that has a unique elasticity that helps the fabric quickly return to its original shape.
It also has such advantages:
• elastane items are soft to the touch;
• does not absorb humidity and adapts perfectly to the skin;
• has excellent resistance;
• easy to dye, (if one day you want to change the color of your balaclava you can do it!);
• does not fold, has a light weight, the material is thin, so the balaclavas are convenient to store.

This mix of natural materials (cotton), together with synthetic microfibres, make the fabric an ideal material to be used to make sports clothing, it is in fact water-repellent, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-odour.
The ideal balaclava must be light and elastic to wear, in the sense that it must not create too much thickness between the head and the helmet and must not create pressure points.
For our balaclava we also paid attention to the stitching, especially in the upper and front area of ​​the head which guarantees good thermal insulation and is also easily washable and quick to dry.
In this regard, it is good practice to follow the washing instructions on the labels.
In light of what we have said, choosing your ideal balaclava is not at all obvious…
The best advice?
Try our balaclava, wearing it together with your helmet to check for any pressure points or to understand if a certain material may be uncomfortable for your skin or perhaps too heavy or too light…
If you are not satisfied you can return the balaclava or be refunded within 30 days of receiving the goods!

Everything will be packaged with our chic personalized packaging, also excellent for giving as a gift!
Until January 10th you can also receive a free LMRACING pen for each balaclava ordered!

PLEASE NOTE: This balaclava is not fireproof and is not approved by the FIA ​​so it is not suitable for competition but is widely suitable for non-competitive sports such as trackdays on the track!

Everything is packaged with our custom chic packaging.
Local pick up address: Metalon Industriële Diensten, Steentijdstraat Haven 1287, 9130 Verrebroek
For returns or complaints, please contact info@lmracing.be within 30 days of receipt of the goods